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JP500 Series FRC Access Floor
    • JP500 Series FRC Access Floor
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The technology and assembly line of FRC Floor comes from Germany. The most outstanding features of FRC are: no need to use covers on both sides; very comfortable for walking. FRC Floor usually is covered by carpet or PVC. equiped with trunks and data boxes underneath. typical projects are: Qingdao Yuanxiong Plaza, Suning Appliance Headquarters, etc..

1.Excellent fire proof quality
2.Heavy load ablity
3.Comforable for walking
4.Flexible for wiring

JP500型网络地板技术参数 JP500 series access floor loading tests
型号Type规格Size(mm)中心集中荷载 挠度=2mm Concentrated Load Deflection =2mm(Center)边部集中荷载 挠度=2.5mm Concentrated Load Deflection =2.5mm(Edge)极限荷载N Did not collapse冲击荷载N 30公斤沙袋,高度50CM Impact load test 30KG sand bag,H=50cm
JP500.3000N500*500*253000N3000N9000N无裂痕无凹陷without collapse



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