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"Huayi" Aluminium Alloy net Floor System
    • "Huayi" Aluminium Alloy net Floor System
Product Details
“Huayi”aluminium alloy panel is die-casting by whole sheet,combine best design with low weight, high strength, large-rate starting a hole. The top steel sheet of the panel is stuck with high anti-wear and fir-proof high-pressure laminate(HPL)or conductive PVC tile. The borders of the panel are trimmed with conductive PVC edges. Providing you environmental protection, tranquility and omfortable operating room.
As for different requirement for the lustration rate, we can provide you round-hole 20-30%, strip-hole 40-50%
perforated panel.Stringer, Pedestal and typical rod with high-mechanic strength and loading capacity.
Technical parameters:
Productsrsquo; typeSize(mm)Loading capacityCentral loading(N)Well-distributed loading
Flexible degree(mm)Tear board
HYHD type aluminum alloy floor600×600×44Light typeQ295012500≥2.020%~50%
600×600×44Standard typeR445023000≥2.020%~50%
600×600×44Heavy typeZ556033000≥2.020%~42%
600×600×44Super heacy typCZ700040760≥2.020%
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